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Welcome to the official website of
(Baggage handlers at Barcelona – El Prat airport). 

We are a company with half a century of experience in the baggage transport sector in airport terminals that has been adapting human and material resources to changes in the facilities and in the world of aviation in general.

Thus, in the beginning, when the old airport was inaugurated, our work was directed more towards individual passengers or families, but with the passage of time and the boom experienced in passenger transport by air, we have been reorienting our work as demand changed, prioritizing care for organized groups from a few individuals to several thousand, providing us with the necessary material and human resources in order to achieve very high quality and satisfaction rates for our customers.

Proof of this is our great acceptance among the most select national and international travel agencies, predominating among the latter those receptive to passengers of Japanese and American nationality.


At TRANSEABA PORTERS we not only try to make you, or your clients, feel completely satisfied, but we put ourselves in your place and take care of your luggage in transit through the airport terminals, so that you don’t have to worry about it and can focus on other matters such as preparing the flight documentation, making calls, etc.

At the same time we guide you through the terminals, and inform you if you have any doubts about the procedures for both arrivals and departures.


We have experience with passengers from practically all over the world. We have specialised in catering to their needs and customs when travelling, such as the number of suitcases per person, their shape, the material they are made of, the labels they usually carry, etc. in order for our work to be as efficient as possible and for the client needing to do as little as possible in the luggage transfer process.


In order to achieve the high levels of satisfaction with our services that we currently enjoy among our clients, we have been providing ourselves with the necessary personnel and means, adapting and training ourselves according to the needs of our clients. This reduces the gaps and deficiencies in our services, so that at all times we can understand the needs of our customers and the solutions to possible problems, that may occasionally arise while passing through the airport terminals.



Services for groups (less than 10 Paxs)

On many occasions, especially in times of high volume of passengers in the terminals, it is more difficult for the passenger to be able to carry out the procedures easily and without stress.

For this reason, at TRANSEABA PORTERS we are aware and we put ourselves in their situation, in order to expedite and provide a comfortable service to our clients, so that they can relax once they arrive at the airport and contact us.

We will be waiting for you at the corresponding baggage carousel with a sign displaying your name and our large cart to transport your luggage to whatever vehicle that you request.

We will be waiting for you with our large cart so that, when your taxi or private vehicle arrives at the airport, we can receive you and accompany you to the check-in counter, transporting all your luggage and helping you check in all your bags.


Services for groups
(more than 10 paxs)

Experience shows us that, thanks to our service for groups with a very large volume of passengers, the processes of both arrival and departure at the terminal are greatly expedited and it is easier for the travel agency itself to take care of the passengers.

We will be waiting for you at the corresponding baggage carousel with a sign with your name and our large carts to transport your luggage to whatever vehicles you request.


We will be waiting for you with our large carts when the bus or private vehicles arrive at the airport, to receive you and accompany you to the check-in counter, transporting all your luggage and helping you check in all your bags.


Coordination of Large Volume Groups

Thanks to our proven experience in managing large operations in airport terminals, we offer the possibility of organizing arrivals in the baggage reclaim areas and for the staff to focus only on the most formal part, such as customer reception. Experience with shipping companies handling baggage in airport terminals for almost 40 years.

From 2014 to 2022 we have offered our services in the luggage management of the attending congressmen at the IBTM-Barcelona, in which we managed all the luggage of the congressmen in the Fira2 venue and transferred the luggage to various hotels in the city.


Lost Luggage Service

One of the highlights of TRANSEABA PORTERS is its proven experience over the years and the possibility of directly contacting the airlines and their lost luggage departments.

That is why we offer a lost baggage search service, allowing us to find out the status of the baggage more quickly and that we can manage the data, that the lost baggage departments have, so as not to generate errors that could further delay delivery of luggage.

Note: This service is only available to our clients, who have booked our luggage transportation service, and have lost luggage prior to the transportation


Luggage Transportation

Transeaba Porters offers the possibility of transporting luggage by industrial vehicles both nationally and internationally; our rates will depend on the distance, volume and time spent transporting the luggage.

Our rate includes the provision of the vehicle plus an additional operator, to help unload the vehicle when traveling near the airport; If another type of transfer or large transport is necessary, it is necessary to customize the service by contacting us.



Groups of less than 10 PAXS

  • The rate for ARRIVAL and DEPARTURE services will cost 48.40 euros / service (VAT included)
  • Night rate is from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. and will cost 72.60 euros / service (VAT included)

Groups of more than 10 PAXS

  • Charges will be per suitcase at a cost of 4.84 euros / suitcase (VAT included)
  • Night rate is from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. and will cost 7.26 euros / suitcase (VAT included)

High volume operations

  • In this case, we offer personalised quotations on request by using our contact form

Luggage Transportation (outside the airport)

  • 302.50 euros (VAT included) This rate includes the provision of the vehicle for 3 hours; if the time is exceeded then a fee of 60.50 euros / hour (VAT included) is added 
  • The rates include our meet and greet service at the baggage carousels, for a group of no more than 20 paxs (1 bag each).

Lost Luggage Service

  • Our service for searching for lost luggage and coordination of delivery (transport costs not included) will cost 60.50 euros / service (VAT included)

Duty Free ATA Carnet

  • Check-in service plus Duty Free ATA carnet, will cost 72.60 euros (VAT included)


Use the contact form below to send us messages. We usually respond within 24hrs.

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